Our business packages:

When you absolutely, positively need the best development team

  • Using a unique customer satisfaction methodology, we allocate 2 contact persons immediately for all business and technical needs and go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction and eliminate all risk
  • Located in the capital and largest city, Bucharest, we have access to the biggest talent pool of experienced developers and the largest number of fresh graduates
  • Working under agile development methodologies we have a short time to product and you have more flexibility in changing requirements so that you will get exactly what you dreamed of

Core values and competitive advantage

  • Highest quality software development
  • Highest caliber people that are easy to work with
  • Proven expertise
  • Cultural affinity with US, Canada and Western Europe

We provide a complete set of resources to successfully deliver outstanding work

  • For example, Business Analytics require rare statistical modelling skills that we provide
  • Software development that involves User Interfaces require great design skills, also a skill that we provide

Our methodology is streamlined to deliver success

  • Working model: Project based or time & material
  • Team structure: Flexible: alone or extension of the customer’s team | Project manager, software architect, software engineer, QA
  • Communication & collaboration: On-site meetings, weekly video conference calls, daily meetings on Skype | Timesheet reporting, source control, issue tracking