We focus on:


1. Analytics for Financial Services
2. Analytics for Energy
3. Analytics for Retail
4. Analytics for Telecommunication
5. Analytics for other industries

1. Analytics for Financial Services

We are experienced in building custom analytics such as:

  • Sales and sales network analytics
  • Marketing and customer profiling analytics
  • Cross-sell and up-sell analytics example: identify highly-profitable customer segments and avoid costly campaigns and low returns
  • Profitability analytics
  • Segmentation analytics, statistical behavior analytics
  • Product analytics
  • Fraud and compliance analytics
  • Predictive analytics

1. Analytics for Financial Services - Insurance - additional analytics

  • Claims management analytics
  • Solvency II analytics Integrate actuarial models to calculate solvency capital requirement (SCR) and produce an accurate balance sheet that is reflective of all risk taken at product, subsidiary and corporate levels
  • Customer Retention analytics, policy pricing analysis, policy holder behaviour analysis Proactively identifying customer segments that are prone to switching and reduce customer churn Recognize patterns that indicate customers are starting to shop Identify and drive innovation on ways to retain these customers, particularly those that are high-value
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics enables proactive decision making by analyzing patterns in historical and current transactional data including attitudinal survey data to predict future outcomes by asking the following questions: Is this customer likely to leave ? If so, why? What offer is most likely persuade them to stay ? Based on the customer's profitability and risk profile, which retention effort is justified.

2. Analytics for Energy

  • Upstream: Completion Optimization, Leverage advanced analytics to model completion operations and rapidly evaluate "what-if" scenarios
  • Upstream: Drilling Analysis, Optimize drilling productivity Reveal performance to any level of detail with dimension-free data exploration to reduce downtime & optimizing penetration rates
  • Upstream: Production History & Optimization
  • Upstream: Recovery Prediction
  • Upstream: Spatial Mapping of Reserves
  • Upstream: EUR Analysis & Reporting
  • Financial Planning & Analysis: Currency Hedging & Tax Liability
  • Financial Planning & Analysis: Profitability analytics
  • Downstream: Retail Analytics
  • Downstream: Campaign Planning & Execution
  • Downstream: Marketing Operations
  • Downstream: Price Forecasting
  • Fraud and compliance analytics

3. Analytics for Retail

  • Pricing Optimization Analytics
  • Product Recommendation Analytics
  • Product Co-movement Analytics
  • Integrated Forecasting Analytics
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Analytics
  • Product Cannibalization Analytics

4. Analytics for Telecommunication

  • Customer Retention / Churn analytics
  • Marketing, customer profiling and segmentation analytics
  • Profitability analytics
  • Operations: Capacity Planning and Forecasting
  • Operations: Network Operations Recovery
  • Product Cannibalization Analytics

5. Analytics for other industries

  • Manufacturing: Quality & Reliability Analytics
  • Manufacturing: Yield Enhancement
  • Government: Network Analytics
  • Government: Financial Analytics
  • Government: Intelligence Analytics, Monitoring and Threat Analytics
  • Transportation Analytics